Liposome Encapsulated Water Soluble CBD

Encapsulated Water Soluble CBD

The Future of CBD

CBD Introducing the most revolutionary CBD product on the market, Encapsulated Water Soluble CBD. Faster acting and longer lasting, Water Soluble CBD has a 5 to 20 times increased absorption and bioavailability. This is far superior to leading brands of CBD oils on the market.

cbDNA Water Soluble contains a full array of Cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDa and CBG, also containing a large number of the Cannabis ‘Essential Oils’ – Terpenes.

Our Liposomal Encapsulation method of delivering CBD to the system allows our bodies to receive the optimal amount of CBD. In short, you ingest the state dose.

Water Soluble vs CBD Oil

Rudimentary knowledge of chemistry reminds us that oil and water do not mix. Since our bodies are mostly water, water soluble compounds travel through the body faster and more efficiently.

The issue with other products on the market remains that our bodies cannot as effectively absorb CBD when swallowed in it’s natural oil state. Our 100% natural water soluble alternative to traditional CBD oil offers a more effective solution with little to no waste.

Unlike most CBD products on the market, cbDNA Water Soluble PRO CBD can legitimately state zero THC levels, certified by 3rd party lab testing.

lab tested
Vegan friendly
eco friendly

Benefits of Water Soluble CBD

  • Completely clear & transparent and not hazy or translucent
  • Micro-particle technology ensuring much higher bioavailability (5 to 20 times)
  • Has high-shelf life stability (because of its water-base)
  • Consistent and measurable CBD control
  • Increased convenience and portability with drinks
  • No noticeable impact on flavour, consistency or texture

Suggested Use

4-10 drops to be taken twice a day. Shake well before use. Maximum daily dosage 200mg. Add required dosage/drops to water, juice, morning coffee or shake. Can also be added to food. Effects can be felt within 1 hour.

Encapsulated Water Soluble CBD

Liposomal Encapsulation

Transporting supplements through the small intestine and into the bloodstream. Liposomes have been utilised for quite some time now as an effective method for delivering drugs, nutrients, or genetic material into the body. With the vast therapeutic potential of CBD for many health conditions, cbDNA utilise the technological innovation of Liposomal Encapsulation and optimise the active absorption of CBD with our water soluble product.

What are Liposomes?

Liposomes are tiny spheres of liquid made up of one or more phospholipid bilayers. What makes liposomes unique and effective carriers is that they can safely transport ingredients through the gastrointestinal tract into target areas of the body. Liposomes are very safe since they are non-toxic and non-immunogenic.

The Advantages of Liposomes for CBD Delivery

Unlike other drug delivery methods, liposomes transport ingredients past the intestinal membrane to specific tissues. The ingredients inside these tiny spheres are fully protected against degradation as they reach the target areas in the body. The bioavailability of nutrients delivered via liposomes is therefore particularly high.

Liposomes are highly biodegradable, unlike other carriers sometimes employed for drug delivery. There are no side effects to liposomes or their consumption.

CBD is particularly well-suited for delivery via liposomes. The reason for this is that CBD is non-psychoactive, so ingesting it in its unadulterated form doesn’t have any adverse effects. In fact, liposomes allow individuals to receive the optimal amount of CBD with each dose. This presents a more stable and consistent delivery of CBD, directly to the cells that need it.

can children use water soluble CBD for autism?

Water Soluble Compounds

Utilising micro-particle technology, our tiny liposomes are rapidly absorbed, starting in the mouth for immediate delivery. For oral consumption, as the CBD is safely encapsulated, it doesn’t get compromised on its way to target tissues.

Liposomes greatly improve CBD absorption and therefore improve its desired effects on the body.

Aside from delivering higher concentrations of CBD in general, liposomes allow individuals to use less CBD to achieve the same effect as other intake methods. This provides a physiological and economic benefit – you get more for less.

cbDNA's Water Soluble vs Other brands

We at cbDNA believe in transparency and disclosing all ingredients that go into our products. While other companies and brands claim to be totally natural, they don’t disclose they use polysorbate 80, which can cause anaphylaxis in some people and isn’t naturally occurring substance. A lot of brands and companies also use nanotechnology which is not legal in the UK. You have to be careful while choosing what you put in your body and do you research, however at cbDNA we present all the information, research and lab reports you need to know that your products are fully safe and 100% natural.

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CBD (cannabidiol) interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system, promoting balance and homeostasis. It may help alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and potentially have other therapeutic effects.

Encapsulated water-soluble CBD offers enhanced bioavailability and absorption. It dissolves easily in water, allowing for better distribution throughout the body, potentially increasing the effectiveness and quick onset of CBD's benefits.



The most revolutionary CBD product on the market. Incorporate water soluble CBD into your daily ritual and enjoy 5 to 20 times increased bioavailability and absorption – far superior to leading brands of regular CBD oils on the market.


We all contain an incredibly complex and important Endocannabinoid System in our body that helps to regulate the functions of our nervous and immune systems.

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