How to maintain your Homeostasis

How to maintain your homeostasis? When our bodies become deficient in certain nutrients and vitamins, we eventually. The balance within our body also known as our ‘homeostasis’ will be thrown out. When this happens, our immune system and nervous system are not functioning properly. Which...

CBD In MMA: How it could help

CBD in MMA: Cannabis has long been banned in professional sports. Although THC (the main intoxicating compound in cannabis) remains banned under WADA, USADA, and other anti-doping organizations, regulators have since lifted the ban on CBD & CBD products. Thanks to this and the overall...

CBD Benefits Part 1: 5 ways CBD can help

A lot of people have been researching CBD benefits. The hemp plant is where CBD is extracted from. CBD and it's relatives are known as cannabinoids. There are 100s of these in total. Unlike THC, the chemical responsible for the "high" feeling from cannabis, CBD...
CBD Infused Drinks

CBD infused to your Daily Drinks for Increased Energy Levels

CBD products are catching up in the market as more companies have discovered better ways to encourage customers to introduce CBD oil into their regular diet. From froggies to gummy bears to capsules, every sort of customer can find a suitable CBD infused product. CBD...
CBD in Sports

The use of CBD in Sports / Sport Recovery

CBD in Sports: Athletes put a lot of stress on their bodies as they go through various strenuous workouts to improve their athletic performance.An athlete's daily routine involves a combination of explosive exercises & adequate rest. These training sessions cause muscle adaptations & enhanced performances...



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CBD (cannabidiol) interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system, promoting balance and homeostasis. It may help alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and potentially have other therapeutic effects.

Encapsulated water-soluble CBD offers enhanced bioavailability and absorption. It dissolves easily in water, allowing for better distribution throughout the body, potentially increasing the effectiveness and quick onset of CBD's benefits.



The most revolutionary CBD product on the market. Incorporate water soluble CBD into your daily ritual and enjoy 5 to 20 times increased bioavailability and absorption – far superior to leading brands of regular CBD oils on the market.


We all contain an incredibly complex and important Endocannabinoid System in our body that helps to regulate the functions of our nervous and immune systems.

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