How to Avoid Counterfeit CBD Products

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How to Avoid Counterfeit CBD Products

CBD is an amazing product full of rich properties and used for different reasons. It’s important for you to know how to identify genuine CBD from counterfeit CBD.

As CBD continues to get more and more popular you will find different products that are not what they are advertised to be. We will be helping you on how to avoid counterfeit CBD products; you will need to know what questions to ask in order to identify the real CBD from the fake.

The Manufacturing Process

How the CBD is made is important because this will determine the quality and safety levels of the CBD. The manufacturing process is also known as CBD Extraction – or how the CBD was extracted.

How the CBD was extracted can determine how safe the product is for consumption; it can also determine the quality. There are two main extraction methods that are used by reliable manufacturers:

  • Using a pharmaceutical-grade ethanol solvent.
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction.

These two techniques are generally considered to produce the best quality of real CBD. Also, these methods provide the highest quantities of Cannabidiols. Most companies offer information about their extraction methods online or by reaching out to them directly.

Counterfeit CBD: Dangerous Extraction Methods

Extraction methods that can be dangerous include using chemicals such as propane and butane. These methods allow for companies to provide their CBD at a low price but can possibly get you sick. It is best to avoid these types of products regardless of how low priced they are.

You need to be cautious about where you buy your CBD from because not all CBD is the same.

If you are skeptical about a certain CBD product that a company is offering it’s best to do some research first. Find out if there is any reviews about them, or ask them directly about their extraction process. If they can’t provide an answer then it’s best to avoid them all together.

Counterfeit CBD: the Source of the CBD

The source of the Hemp that was used to make the CBD is another important factor. One of the primary characteristics of the hemp plant is its hyper-accumulative capabilities.

This means that it can easily absorb the nutrients from the ground in great quantities. If the plant is cultivated in a land rich with toxins and other harmful elements; the dangerous components will also be present in the final product.

Counterfeit CBD: poor CBD Marketing Practices

Another way on how to avoid counterfeit CBD products is through poor CBD marketing practices. Many companies that are looking for short term gain will make medical claims. Companies that sell reliable products tend to not make any medical claims. Just as you need to be wary of labels with too much outlandish information, you must also be cautious about labels that don’t share enough pertinent details. You should look for products that tell you how much CBD you’re getting per serving, not just the total cannabinoid content in the entire bottle. This can help you avoid dosing confusion, and it’s also extra assurance that what you’re buying actually contains the ingredients you’re looking for.

Counterfeit CBD will also not tell you how much CBD is in their products.

While it might be reliably sourced and properly extracted they fail to mention how much CBD is in the product. When you buy CBD it should mention on the bottle or container how much CBD is in it. If it doesn’t mention it you can always go to their website and ask them. Another red flag is if they don’t have a website or a phone number to reach them on.

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