Can CBD Help Insomnia?

Can CBD Help Insomnia?

can cbd help insomnia

Can CBD Help Insomnia?

Can CBD Help Insomnia? In recent years, cannabidiol (CBD) oil has become a widely favoured natural remedy for many ailments. While some take it to alleviate their everyday worries and problems, others use it to treat more serious conditions like generalized anxiety disorder. A compound found in the cannabis family of plants, cannabidiol has increased in availability in recent times.

A growing number of companies have begun selling supplements, salves, and other CBD products, typically touting these items as natural remedies for issues like anxiety, depression and joint pain to name a few. It is just one of hundreds of different compounds found in the cannabis plant. While cannabis has been used in holistic medicine for many years, only recently have researchers begun to explore some of the medicinal purposes for it and other cannabinoids. 

Many people have been looking for a safer, more natural way to treat their physical and mental conditions, and CBD shows promising results to be that solution. More and more of us are using it for anxiety and related conditions and disorders. Depression and anxiety disorders are common mental health conditions that can have lasting effects on a person’s health, social life, ability to work, and overall well-being.

A doctor may prescribe pharmaceutical drugs to help a person treat or manage depression. Many of these drugs have difficult side effects, such as mood swings, sleeplessness, and sexual dysfunction. CBD has shown promise in initial studies as a treatment for both depression and anxiety, and it has the advantage of having very few side effects.

CBD could also help alleviate insomnia, by treating the underlying causes of sleeplessness. These underlying factors are normally the cause, or can in many cases exacerbate insomnia from another source.

CBD Recap

CBD is one of more than 100 compounds called cannabinoids. These occur naturally in the cannabis plant family.

While CBD is similar to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound responsible for the high in cannabis, the two compounds act differently in the body. CBD does not have this effect on the body as it is non-psychoactive. This also means CBD is legal in many parts of the world whereas THC remains illegal in the majority of countries.

Can CBD Help Insomnia? The root causes

To understand whether CBD can improve sleep, we first have to understand what causes poor sleep.

Many things can cause you to sleep badly. Insomnia can be caused by:

  • Mental health disorders, such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and depression
  • Medication, which can disturb your sleep-wake cycle
  • Physical conditions, such as chronic pain and restless leg syndrome
  • Caffeine, especially when consumed late in the day
  • Environmental factors, such as loud noises or an uncomfortable bed

If your insomnia is caused by external factors or related conditions, CBD may help by treating the causes of sleeplessness.

Can CBD Help Insomnia? How to use CBD

There are a number of ways to take CBD. It comes in a few different forms, including vaping, oils, creams and edibles. Generally speaking vaping and using an oil under the tongue gets it into your system the fastest.

Can CBD Help Insomnia? CBD Safety

Side effects are relatively uncommon. However, you may experience some minor side effects. CBD is generally regarded as safe, with high doses well tolerated in humans.


There is strong evidence CBD could help address the root causes of insomnia and other debilitating conditions. If you want to try CBD, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor or a pharmacist before using any kind of CBD. This is especially so if you’re on any prescription medication or pregnant. This can help ensure you avoid any potential complications. Can CBD Help Insomnia?

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