Where can I buy genuine CBD oil in the UK? Genuine CBD oil UK

Where can I buy genuine CBD oil in the UK?

Where can I buy genuine CBD oil in the UK? Genuine CBD oil UK

genuine cbd oil uk

Genuine CBD oil UK

Finding a supplier you can trust is no mean feat. A recent study showed that over 70% of brands on the market do not have the advertised strength inside. A few had more than advertised but most had less and in some cases no CBD within them at all. Buying CBD in a market that is not yet fully regulated is a mine field, this is one of the reasons we joined the Cannabis Trades Association. Being a member of regulatory body should be the very least a CBD company adheres to. Genuine CBD oil UK? Where? If they are not a member of one, alarm bells ring straight away. The next alarm bell is not having 3rd party lab reports. If you follow these rules when looking for CBD, you cannot go wrong.

Reputable CBD

A CBD manufacturer should only use supercritical Co2 extraction, other methods may be cheaper but will leave toxic residue within the end product. The next thing you should look for on the lab report is an array of cannabinoids within the CBD. If the report only shows CBD, this means that the CBD is an isolate and not full spectrum or broad spectrum. Isolate is far cheaper and less effective so make sure. At cbDNA we only use the finest full spectrum distillate, it is important to have trace amounts of THC in to give the entourage effect. Genuine CBD oil UK?

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