How do I take CBD oil? How to CBD Oil

How do I take CBD oil?

How do I take CBD oil? How to CBD Oil

how to cbd oil

There are several ways to take CBD as it comes in different forms. Tinctures are the most popular ways people buy CBD. Taking it sublingually is the most common way. You must hold it under your tongue for 2-3 minutes so the CBD is absorbed through the salivary glands. CBD capsules are the most simple way to take CBD, you know exactly how much you are taking and all you have to do is swallow. Water soluble CBD can be added to any drink or food you wish to put it on. How to CBD Oil? This by far the most versatile product on the market and most easily absorbed. The liposome technology makes it nearly 100% absorbable by bypassing the stomach acids and absorbing into the intestines. This method is particularly popular with people who wish to give their children CBD, they can easily put it in their drink.

How to CBD Oil: other methods

CBD vape is very popular, but we would not advise it as it is a rather sharp and short blast. To get the maximum from CBD we would recommend another method. CBD coffee and tea are becoming popular, but because they are made with distillate or isolate, they are a gimmick. Your body will likely only absorb around 5% of the CBD which is of no real benefit. You would be much better buying water soluble CBD and adding it to your hot drink. CBD gummies are also a gimmick, they taste nice but as far as delivering CBD goes, they won’t be of much use. Lollipops, chocolate and all the other ways you can imagine are all just a gimmick too. How to CBD Oil?

How to CBD oil: Topicals

For localised problems, topicals are very good. Because your skin is an organ, it absorbs a high percentage of CBD from the cream or rub. There are many different varieties, from heat rubs, moisturiser, balms and many more. In recent times bath bombs have become very popular, these too are a bit of a gimmick as so much is wasted in the whole bath, you cannot possibly hope to absorb all the CBD out of a whole bath.

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