CBD for Back Pain

CBD for back pain

CBD for back pain: How CBD can help

For people who have struggled with chronic back or neck pain, the list of treatments tried is likely long. Some traditional therapies for pain, namely opioid medication, pose significant risks. Seeking safer natural alternatives, people are increasingly using cannabinoid products (such as cannabidiol, or CBD) to manage pain. CBD and its related compounds can provide pain relief by decreasing inflammation in the body for example.

Will using CBD get me high?

No. CBD and hemp do not cause any intoxicating effects. The “high” resulting from cannabis/marijuana use is caused by THC, which is just one of the many cannabinoids in cannabis. It is also a cannabinoid in cannabis, but it doesn’t cause any “high.” CBD products may contain trace amounts of THC, but the levels are too low to cause any psychoactive effects.

CBD for back pain: the research

A 2018 study found that CBD reduced nerve-related and inflammatory pain in animals, supporting a promising future for CBD as a mainstream pain relief option. This is likely to be welcomed by back pain sufferers and sufferers of a wide range of conditions too.

The products available

CBD is most often sold and used in oil form. It is also found in creams, balms, and other products. There are even different types of oil, such as isolate and broad-spectrum. It’s important to do your research before you commit to a product to make sure it’s the right one for you.

Staying safe

If you have a health condition or are taking any prescribed or over-the-counter medicines, always check with your doctor or a pharmacist for possible drug supplement interactions before taking CBD.

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